Hey there! I've seen several personally-oriented blogs lately, so I figured I'd make my own. You may have noticed that I have made a significant drop in my activity from over the summer and earlier to now. Rather than content, what I'm really focusing on at the moment is coding stuff. I prefer to take on interesting projects that haven't really been done before, especially if I can learn new stuff from them. So, I'm making this blog to take ideas from all of you for templates, scripts, etc. that I could make.

Recently, I've created Template:Emote and UserRightsRecord. A list of formal scripts I've done is here, and making a list of templates I've done on this wiki is on my to-do list (my user page desperately needs a cleanup).

There aren't any guidelines to making suggestions, but I won't promise that I'll do every idea that is suggested. The order of preference in terms of relevance is stuff for this wiki, then stuff for wikis in general, then anything else. I'm familiar with several programming languages at this point, so what I can do is pretty varied.

Well, comment away! (lyra)

Also, if I don't reply to a suggestion for a while, I might've forgotten to check this blog. Feel free to leave a message on my talk page.