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    OK, I'll be honest, I'm fairly new to the MLP:FiM wiki, but just going to a background ponys name and reading the comments tells you that people rage too much over the names. Can we, y'know,stop doing that? In my opinion, it's very stupid. And the worst part? The names they rage about are the names given by fans. It's like Hasbro saying that one background ponys name is asdfghjkl, but in YOUR opinion, that's a dumb name, so you rage at them, saying that isn't the canon name (Heartstrings, anyone? though Lyra Heartstrings does sound nice, IT'S NOT CANON), and that saying the name that YOU made up is the correct name and that Hasbro is wrong. If the moderators cannot confirm the canon name by a trusted source, then the character has no canon…

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