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  • BouncingParatroopa

    Here's something that's been bugging me. How did Diamond Tiara get her cutie mark?

    Here's what got me to ask that:

    • In "Crusaders of the Lost Mark", it's shown that her talent is leadership.
    • She had her cutecenera in "Call of the Cutie", so she must have gotten it recently then.
    • If the "proper" way to leadership is guiding people rather than dominating them, and that she was bossed around by her mother her whole life, than what would have warranted her to earn her mark.
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  • BouncingParatroopa

    There's something that's been buggin' me about Diamond Tiara and SIlver Spoon's trademark insult of "Blank flank!"

    I've heard some poeple say that Miss Cheerilee inadvertantly invented the term (uninsultingly) in "Call of the Cutie" ("My flank was blank!"). However, Applejack also used the term to describe Babs Seed's bullying problems in Manehattan in "One Bad Apple", and Spoiled Rich used it when insulting the CMC in "Cursaders of the Lost Mark". The former indicates that Cheerilee did not invent it and that it's a well-known schoolyard slur. In the latter, it implies that it's more than that and that it's a social prejudice indicating that a cutie mark is a status symbol.

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