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  • Boushh2550

    Crystal Ponies!

    July 30, 2013 by Boushh2550
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  • Boushh2550

    The Crystal Empire Needs YOU!

    The Solar Empire and Lunar Republic have declared war with each their own respective leaders, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. These two factions will bring their war across Equestria on many fronts, and possibly to our beautiful Crystal Empire. So join The Crystal Empire in eternal neutrality before it's too late.

    The Crystal Empire Issues a proclamation of eternal neutrality ensuring that The Crystal Empire will not be dragged into a war. The Solar Empire and Lunar Republic must not threaten, imtimidate, halt, harm, and take any of the Crystal Empire's citizens or else we will take appropriate action that our Empire deems necessary.

    To ensure our safety and neutrality, we ask both factions to NOT hurt Princeā€¦

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  • Boushh2550

    Which Stallion?

    June 28, 2013 by Boushh2550

    This blogpost is pretty self explanatory, but I can't choose a favourite. So please tell me which one is your favourite and why.

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