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Apples to the core

FANMADE The Honesty Society

This faction is dedicated to protecting the most dependable of ponies, Applejack!

Our Missions

Keep Applejack in the game - it's our priority to keep our apple-bucking honest friend in the game, and to help her stay far away from being down from the count. Usual move is double heal or single heal - either will be of good use, but the better her health, the more accomplished our goal.

Help out our Allies - in this case, other votes should be reserved to helping allies to Applejack, especially when allies' health is low. It's the honest thing to do, after all. Usual moves are: 

  1. Heal to help our allies keep their ponies in the game. Double or single depends on whether they're at 5 or 35.
  2. Hurt to help our allies vanquish their opponents. To be honest, I don't use this very often but it will help knock out opponents and keep our and their ponies safe.

For our allies, we have decided you can't hurt Rainbow Dash or the CMC as they are in our allies' protection. We also have additional protection of Fluttershy and Snowdrop.

The Family

Thenaturals - Head Farmer

Just ask and I will add you on if you would like to join.

Our Code for Conduct

We would love for you to join, but we have some rules:

Firstly, we would like to make sure that you follow the general wiki rules and policies set up for both the community and the game itself. 

Secondly, if you join, you at least consider to follow our missions. This doesn't mean I say who you hurt or heal, but it is important to follow the group's missions and objective, especially the first one.

Thirdly, when our allies are in trouble, with our votes we can help them. As long as it means we can defend our farm pony, we should be helping out our friends honestly.

Finally, we respect our opponents, because animosity is the last thing that we would need. We are a friendly and peaceful group.

Our Allies

The Rainbow Troupe is our first ally. They are dedicated to protecting Rainbow Dash, as well as the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

If you are interested in having the Honesty Society as an ally, please contact Thenaturals. We are a friendly faction and we would like to ally with other friendly factions.

Foal Free Press

08/23/13 ~ The Order of Chaos has a target to hurt Applejack. Therefore, we should be ready to heal Applejack. This is war, my little ponies.

08/29/13 ~ Snowdrop is at VERY high risk of death. As a minor ally, we should heal Snowdrop, preferably double.

08/31/13 ~ Alas, Snowdrop has now passed. We now should dedicate time to healing our other friendly ponies.


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