With season 4 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic coming to Hub Network next week. I thought I might take the time to tell y'all how I became a Brony.

Unlike most bronies that started to love the series when it first aired, it actually took me until Thanksgiving 2012 to get into the series and became a Brony. What almost made me hate My Little Pony and almost made me avoid this series was the 1986 film My Little Pony: The Movie. In my opinion, the film was simply terrible. When watching that film back in 2007, I can see why the film was bad. Although I admire the actors in the film and the two studios that made it which were Sunbow Productions and Marvel Productions, the movie was just not my cup of tea. The film also made me miss opportunities to see the G3 My Little Pony films that were being made at the time I watched this film. Actually, I didn't know much about media adaptations of the My Little Pony franchise until 2007.

When news about a new My Little Pony TV series (which is what we know now) to air on then-new Hub Network in 2010 came, I wasn't too sure that I was gonna love this series or not. But after seeing endless parodies of it on Cartoon Network's MAD, Hub promos, Brony convention videos, and digging up research on the show, I said to myself "I'VE GOT TO JOIN IN ON THE FUN!!!" and I did. The first episode I've watched was a repeat airing of the season 3 episode "Too Many Pinkie Pies" and I immediately began the love the series more than any of the shows on Hub Network. To get caught up on the show, I had to resort to available sources like repeat airings, Hub on Demand, Netflix, and the DVD. Eventually, I made it up to half of season 3 which was being aired at the time I started to watch the series.

Not only is this show awesome, it's also very special to me. You see, everytime I have flashbacks about the hard times I've had on the internet since 2009 and in real life, I would tuned in to this show to help me calm down and forget those hard times. You could say that the show is like a medicine to me. A day in Equestria, keeps the doctor away, I would say. Because of this show, I started to do what bronies do like making Pony art, becoming friends with most of the bronies, staying in contact with the cast and crew of the show, and go to MLP conventions (well, not all of the conventions).

And that's the story on how I became a Brony.