Heyyyy Guys!

I wanted to thank you for the suggestion to post my Fanfic on! It worked out pretty well!

I have 3 comments since my story was approved! WHOO! yay!

So now that I've started this fic....I need some opions on some ideas I have...please comment or pm me your answers!

1. Rainbow Dash will fall in love with a she-wolf called Tundra and is totally whipped! Tundra is very confident and sexy plus she's the fastest wolf alive.

2. The Cutie Mark Crusaders stowed away in Rarity's luggage..

3. Pinkie Pie goes to a bar and gets the story dogs get drunk on gravy so why can't ponies?

4. Spike gets super jealous of Rarity's love intrest. A love triangle could make this story 20% cooler....

5. Princess Celestia gets sexy on a date with her summer love.

Tell me which idea or ideas you like and why. Thank you Everypony!