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    Bonjour! Depuis Pox Cutie sortir et je regarde la France, je vais parler de fantaisie, ou en français. S'il vous plaît utiliser google traduire si vous ne savez pas ce que le diable que j'ai dit. Merci pour votre temps. (Blog troisième!)

    Hello! Since Cutie Pox come out and I look France, I will speak fancy, or french. Please use google translate if you don't know what the heck I said. Thank you for your time. (Third Blog!)

    Chère princesse daughter is speaking Fancy.

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    Hello, I am making a fan-fictional story about a pony weteran. He's name "Grey Eyes" because he has gray eyes, which was rare. Ponies, colts or fillies who have gray eyes tells that they are corageous. Okay, here is a preview of it. Enjoy! ;)

    It was a stormy day, not just any storm. The water was pitch black, and the old pegasus was out of work, it said no rain, and rain never go pitch black. Black rain means only one thing, the Shadows are coming. Them Shadows are powerful. Too powerful for us. We cannot defeat them. But, that isn't true. We can, we will. Our team can defeat the Shadows. No matter what goes, we will win.

    Hope you like it, comment it and I will finish it as soon as possible! Rarity love it, hope you do!

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    That was quick.

    December 20, 2011 by Brony336

    Okay, first blog. But, theres another thing. I was here for 30 minutes. and I just got 4 badges. That's quick. 96 more blogs and I will do a surprise. Yeah, a surprise. Well, got the first blog. Next on my to-do list:

    1. DONE Do 1 blog.
    2. Do 50 blogs
    3. Do 100 blogs.

    I think we need some reactions, should we?


    Alrighty, that was 1 reaction. But, thats A-OK!

    Thank you for reading this blog,

    Brony336 23:59, December 20, 2011 (UTC)Brony336

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