Hello, I am making a fan-fictional story about a pony weteran. He's name "Grey Eyes" because he has gray eyes,
  • Rarity thinks the fanfic is awesome.
  • Rarity: "I love it!!! That gotta be the best fanfic ever.
  • Rarity: What?! It isn't done?!
which was rare. Ponies, colts or fillies who have gray eyes tells that they are corageous. Okay, here is a preview of it. Enjoy! ;)

It was a stormy day, not just any storm. The water was pitch black, and the old pegasus was out of work, it said no rain, and rain never go pitch black. Black rain means only one thing, the Shadows are coming. Them Shadows are powerful. Too powerful for us. We cannot defeat them. But, that isn't true. We can, we will. Our team can defeat the Shadows. No matter what goes, we will win.

Hope you like it, comment it and I will finish it as soon as possible! Rarity love it, hope you do!