ripey:look a bird!

shade:wow! :)

ripey:*feels not good and says to himself*i need to tell him!

ripey:shade i wanna te-

shade:whats wrong?

ripey:i...i aaaaaaaaah!*faints*

shade:ripey!?! D:

shade:ripey! wake up! D: ripey!!!*hears something*huh?

  • evil ripey and good ripey appears*

shade:who are you??? D:<

eripey:l'm the evil ripey! the evil side! but just call me eripey! >:(

gripey:l'm Gripey the good side! ;)

shade:what have you done with my girlfriend D:<

gripey:*turns evil* >:D

gripey:eripey!!! D: no!

shade:no!*gets hurted*waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  • to be contuned