• Bronze Twinkle

    Diary of Clover the Clever

    Written by Clover the Clever

    Assembled by Bronze Twinkle







    It is the year 1003 of the Celestian calendar. As a young mare browsed through the extensive library of the Equestrian Castle-where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna live-she found an old, tattered, and worn diary of an ancient unicorn, Clover the Clever. The diary was instantly brought to the royalty of the palace and was restored and given to the young mare to read. Now, as the young mare sits in her own personal library she begins to read and unfold the mysteries of the only diary of Clover the Clever.










    February 3, 60

    I have finally earned enough money to buy a diary! I feel so accomplished. I now can record my thoughts and transfer th…

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