Diary of Clover the Clever

Written by Clover the Clever

Assembled by Bronze Twinkle







It is the year 1003 of the Celestian calendar. As a young mare browsed through the extensive library of the Equestrian Castle-where Princess Celestia and Princess Luna live-she found an old, tattered, and worn diary of an ancient unicorn, Clover the Clever. The diary was instantly brought to the royalty of the palace and was restored and given to the young mare to read. Now, as the young mare sits in her own personal library she begins to read and unfold the mysteries of the only diary of Clover the Clever.










February 3, 60

I have finally earned enough money to buy a diary! I feel so accomplished. I now can record my thoughts and transfer them onto paper. I do hope this diary lives on for many centuries so others can read of my experiences. I am Clover the Clever. I am a unicorn assistant of the almighty Princess Platinum. I have been born and raised in the Unicorn Tribe. I am a female. My parents are Moonlight, my mother, and Shadow, my father. I have one sibling, my baby sister, Rose. She is currently gravely ill with pneumonia. I’m sad to report that many others have pneumonia as well. I have been blessed with good health but others are not so fortunate. Many are dying at all ages. It seems we are all doomed to live very short lives, everyone except the princess. She has been alive for more years than anyone in my village has. I heard from some gossip that she may be keeping herself alive using her powerful magic. Even though she is not an alicorn, Princess Platinum was blessed with high magical abilities. It scares me to think what she could do to anyone of us regular unicorns if she was to go mad or become tyrannical. (Even though she is a little bossy, over-dramatic, and snobbish.) What am I saying?! I am the princess’s royal assistant I should not be saying such foul things about our generous leader, even if they may be a little bit true. I am surely going to get arrested for writing such things about the princess. If I do not have another entry for tomorrow, you, the reader, will know I am dead.


Twilight Sparkle closed the diary. The first entry of Clover’s diary had been more dark and scary than she had expected. But of course, this diary was written in the Dark Era, a time where all ponies were fearful of the leader or leaders of their tribe, clan or group. Twilight understood how fearful Clover felt, but she could not imagine herself living in such a dark and depressing time. A time where disease killed thousands of ponies a year, or more, a time where leaders were oppressing and to be feared for their power and authority over all of those below leader status, and a time where many were killed for speaking against their leader or leaders.




February 4, 60

I, Clover, have survived! I have not been thrown into any dungeon or been slaughtered! (Obviously, because I am writing in this diary) Now, to continue my diary entry.

It was a hard day for me today because of the nerve racking feeling that Princess Platinum was going to find out about my diary and burn it then kill me. I am terribly sore though. I have been doing back-breaking labor all day. Honestly, who needs their slippers polished thirty times a day? I don’t even own slippers, let alone a pair of shoes! Princess Platinum has worked me to the bone. All day, every day it’s the same thing. First, when I arrive at the castle, I must clean the dining room up for breakfast, then I must serve the breakfast, then, during breakfast, I must give the princess a hoof rub. Who, in their right minds, wants a hoof rub, from under the table, at breakfast? I honestly question my employment sometimes. After breakfast, I must clean up the dishes, which takes a good two hours. Then, I must do whatever the princess requests of me to do for the rest of the day. I do everything around the palace it seems. I account for taxes, when the princess should be doing them herself! I even do maid chores such as throwing out garbage and cleaning the kitchen. The maids should thank me; all I see them do is kiss up to the princess. Am I ever asked my opinion of a dress? No, I certainly am not! I am left by myself in the grand hall, sweeping and cleaning! I am sorry, dear reader, for my rage. I am just angered to a boiling point about how the princess does not care one bit about her own personal assistant. At least I will have the day off tomorrow since the princess is leaving to go to the meeting house for a gathering with the other two leaders of the Pegasus Tribe and Earth Pony Tribe. Anyway, enough about my work, I must tell you, reader, about what has happened in my parents’ home , since I go there each day to help my mother with the new baby. Today, the doctor came today and said my sister was not getting any better. It pains me to see my mother cry. She cried a river of tears when the doctor said my baby sister has at least three more weeks to live. When I held Rose, I felt her bony frame just kind of sag in my hooves. She felt like I was holding a skeleton. I could hear a feeble cough from her every few minutes but she seemed unaware of anything. She didn’t fuss or cry, she just lied in my arms. I felt so sad holding her. I already knew that she would be leaving us to go to the Stars soon. The Stars is our tribe’s heaven because we believe our magic was given to us by the star god, Galaxis. He is the god of the heavens and magic. Oh dear me, I am crying. Please, dear reader, remember this, life is short, live it while you can because you will never truly know when you will join Galaxis in the Stars.

 Twilight Sparkle felt hot tears forming at her eyes. Never in her life had she read something that had made her feel so touched. The way Clover describes her near-death sister is heart wrenching, thought Twilight as she put the diary down. She yawned. She had been reading the diary all day. Her belly rumbled with hunger. I should eat something, Twilight thought as she set down the diary and walked to her kitchen.

Twilight tossed and turned in her bed. She could not sleep. The diary was so compelling to read. It was like reliving the memories of Clover. I have to read it. I must, Twilight thought as she tossed the blankets aside. She levitated a match with her horn magic and lit an oil lamp. She blew the match out and levitated the lamp as she walked downstairs in her striped pajamas. Twilight set the lamp down on the table Clover’s diary was and opened up the old leather book. And Twilight began to read Clover’s next entry.


February 5, 60

I am awake early in the morning today. I just could not sleep. I needed to write in my diary. I have gotten sucked into it. I just can’t go back to sleep even though I need the sleep because I will be setting the moon today. I love doing that. My family has gotten the privilege of raising and setting the sun and moon this month. I will be doing most of the work since my mother is busy looking after Rose and my father will be trying to earn money by selling things from his stand in the market. I am worried my family is not doing so well. Even though I am giving them the majority of my payroll and I am barely able to support myself, we are still struggling. But of course, who isn’t these days? (Except the princess) I am worried sick about my mother, it seems she is wasting her energy trying to get baby Rose to eat anything, let alone take her medicine. I am frightened that my mother will catch pneumonia from the baby. I can only pray now.

I am finally home. It took me longer to set the sun today because of riots. No one wanted the sun to set. They still needed daytime, and I felt horrible for not giving it to them. But rules are rules. I had to run into the pine forest near our village to lose the mob of angry villagers. I had to hide in the forest for at least twenty minutes or longer because the villagers wouldn’t leave. I’m just happy they didn’t hurt my parents or Rose. I know they wouldn’t dare hurt Rose but you never know. Everyone is so hungry in the village. I have seen the other families in the village. They are starving and hungry. I am only one of very few that gets to eat scraps from the castle. Even though I didn’t get any today, I still had a few leftovers from earlier weeks. I try to sneak out food for my family and I usually do. Today I gave them two loaves of bread, an apple, and a full bottle of milk. Water is the only thing safe to drink these days. My village’s water supply comes from the waterfall in the mountains where it constantly flows. If it’s a very quiet night, I can lie in bed and faintly hear the waterfall roaring. I have never been to the waterfall but I heard from adventurers in my village that it is magnificent.


Twilight Sparkle closed the book after she finished reading the entry. She could almost hear the waterfall far away in the mountains. Twilight looked at the clock on her wall, “3:30” it read. Have I been reading for two hours? Twilight asked herself. Each diary seemed so short but when she finished reading it time seemed to have flown by. Suddenly, Twilight felt extremely tired. I better get going to bed, Twilight thought as she blew out the lamp and stumbled up to bed.


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Author's Note:

When I saw Hearth's Warming Eve, I thought, since Twilight Sparkle is playing Clover the Clever, is there any relation between the two? I did some research here on the wiki and found nothing. So I decided to create my own connection, a diary. I am still imagining Clover the Clever looking like Twilight Sparkle even as I write this. :P I hope anyone reading will like it!

-Bronze Twinkle