Should Metal be Played in Fight Scenes Similar to Twilight Vs. Tirek?

Obviously clean metal, seeing as Hasbro wouldn't dare play something like "Down with the Sickness" in My Little Pony. But with a scene as epic as the fight between Twilight and Tirek, or when the mane 6 turn discord to stone, metal just seems appropriate. I'm not suggesting something as heavy as Fear Before The March Of Flames, but something like Three Days Grace or Korn would be pretty good. Obviously since it is my favorite band, I'd want Hasbro to insert some Disturbed in MLP, but I doubt that they ever would. There is some Disturbed music that could be considered though, clean songs like "Decadence", "Perfect Insanity", or "Indestructible",and other clean songs. Nearly the whole Asylum album is clean except for "Serpentine" and "The Infection" which are still amazing songs. In the episode Magic Duel when Trixie yells "DRAW!!!" I can't help thinking that "Indestructible" belongs there. "I will not bow" by Breaking Benjamin would be perfect for Nightmare Moon. "Just like you" by Three days Grace would be perfect for when Discord joins Tirek. Although their music is awesome and you can't even understand what they're saying, Fear Before the March of Flames songs have to many inappropriate themes for MLP.

Don't replace the ponies' songs

I definitely don't mean that you should take out the songs that the mane six sings, sometimes it's appropriate for scenes in the show.