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  • TheLoudHouseFanatic1998

    As Season 7 has been confirmed and everyone is excited about it, even me, here are some predictions for it.

    The predictions for Season 7 are:

    • Grogar as a villain in a two-part premiere.
    • Spike & Discord Episode.
    • Spike & Rainbow Dash Episode.
    • Spike & Fluttershy's Episode.
    • Spike giving up his crush on Rarity and instead has a crush on Sweetie Belle.
    • A SpikeBelle episode where Spike & Sweetie Belle go on a date.
    • Thorax Returning.
    • Either Spike or Starlight Glimmer gets the new element and becomes the member of the Mane 7.
    • Spike & Sweetie Belle get married.
    • Sunset Shimmer Returning and reconciling with Princess Celestia.
    • Rara Returning.
    • Spike's Secret Origin Revealed.
    • Princess Celestia Episode.
    • Lord Tirek Returning as a villain in the finale.
    • And A Finale fores…
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  • TheLoudHouseFanatic1998

    Hello guys! As all of you might or not have seen SDCC, I was excited they announced information on Season 6 like Spike getting his own song, More CMC episode, Starlight getting her own throne and more and even announced Sia will be in the movie. Also, Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree is going to be released in Netflix in October, that I was not expecting.

    Anyway, the production crew didn't confirm Season 7 yet, so in case they make a Season 7 or not, I decided to do some predictions for Season 7. They are:

    • No more Spike Abuse.
    • Spike becoming prince.
    • Twilight adopting Spike as her son.
    • An episode featuring Twilight & Spike transforming into Princess Twivine Sparkle & Prince Michael the Dragon.
    • More Sparity episodes.
    • More Discord episodes.
    • King So…
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  • TheLoudHouseFanatic1998

    Season 6 is going so well and I'm looking forward to a next episode in 3 days, but I'm not looking forward to a mid-season hiatus. Thankfully, It's not going to be too long (Hopefully). But although the 4th Equestria Girls Movie is coming this fall and so is the 2nd half of Season 6, I can't help but know what the Season 6 finale will be about.

    My prediction for the Season 6 finale is something to do with the Dragon Lord storyline and Spike might earn wings, become a prince, get a kiss from Rarity and become Twilight's adoptive son. Or it could see Queen Chrysalis returning.

    What are your predictions for the Season 6 finale? Write your own in the comments below!

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  • TheLoudHouseFanatic1998

    Happy new year, everyone! I've got some news about Season 6! I've been on a website and I've just found out that according to International Business Times, the two-parter Premire will be titled "Cutie Castle Parts 1 & 2" and that Season 6 is expected to air in April 2016!

    What do you guys think of the news? Write in the comments below!

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  • TheLoudHouseFanatic1998

    We've only got a few months until Season 6. As the two parter premire will air soon, who do you think will be the new villain in Season 6?

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