Hey guys! This is my first blog post! Now as you all know, Season 6 is coming soon! Let me just say, I'm so excited about it! However, the airdate for Season 6 hasn't been confirmed YET. So I decided to do some predictions as to what MIGHT happen in Season 6. The predictions are:

  • Rarity marrying Spike
  • An Twilight & Spike episode
  • An episode which shows Scootloo's family revealing to be Fluttershy's
  • An episode which The CMC will get their cutie marks.
  • An two-parter episode featuring Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek, King Sombra & The Dazzilings teaming up.
  • Twilight' revealing to be Spike's biological Mother
  • Somepony or Spike will die in Season 6.
  • Spike turning evil and joining the villains.
  • And More!

So what do you think? Do you have any predictions for Season 6? Post them in the comments below.