Hello guys! As all of you might or not have seen SDCC, I was excited they announced information on Season 6 like Spike getting his own song, More CMC episode, Starlight getting her own throne and more and even announced Sia will be in the movie. Also, Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree is going to be released in Netflix in October, that I was not expecting.

Anyway, the production crew didn't confirm Season 7 yet, so in case they make a Season 7 or not, I decided to do some predictions for Season 7. They are:

  • No more Spike Abuse.
  • Spike becoming prince.
  • Twilight adopting Spike as her son.
  • An episode featuring Twilight & Spike transforming into Princess Twivine Sparkle & Prince Michael the Dragon.
  • More Sparity episodes.
  • More Discord episodes.
  • King Sombra returning.
  • An episode featuring the debut of Nyx and being adopted by Twilight & Spike.
  • Starlight meeting Sunset Shimmer.
  • Cosmos returning to plan revenge.
  • Twivine & Michael returning to destroy Twilight & Spike.
  • Lady Tirek created by Twivine & Michael to destroy Ponyville.
  • Midnight Sparkle & Midnight Spike.
  • Nyx joining the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
  • Twilight & Spike getting a new assistant named Phobos.
  • Grogar making a G4 debut, along with Squirk.
  • A special episode featuring a new villain, Princess Dark Matter and the return of a old veteran, Megan Williams.
  • And finally, a 2 part whodunnit episode of who killed Twilight & Spike.

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below! Also, have a wonderful summer!