• Buggynaut

    Your trotting down up a hill and suddenly you notice a golden pony shoe (yes I know it's horse shoe but just read the story) you rub the horse shoe and a magic geni pops up and gives you a wish what would your wish be? Answer in the comments below also I am thinking of maybe starting a blog about how to achieve those wishes. Or I can just tell you in the comments.


    P.s infinity wishes don't count

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  • Buggynaut

    The Brony Diarys

    May 2, 2014 by Buggynaut

    Well I just joined this wiki this crazy so here's my number and call me maybe. No seriously I just joined this wiki about two hours ago and I've created my own blog about my pony experience as someone who only knows the basics of pony lore I will give you a blog about my ponyfacation coming soon. Feel free to embarrass me in front of every one by asking me pony related questions.

    From what I can gather

    -Applejack picks apples

    -Twilight Sparkle can fly

    -Friendship is magic

    -Some ponies have superpowers and should be in the X-men

    Yesterday I was buying a videogame in target yesterday (which was really overpriced) and I happened to catch a look at the the t.v section and saw the last bit of a my little pony episode. The episode in question was someā€¦

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