Well I just joined this wiki this crazy so here's my number and call me maybe. No seriously I just joined this wiki about two hours ago and I've created my own blog about my pony experience as someone who only knows the basics of pony lore I will give you a blog about my ponyfacation coming soon. Feel free to embarrass me in front of every one by asking me pony related questions.

From what I can gather

-Applejack picks apples

-Twilight Sparkle can fly

-Friendship is magic

-Some ponies have superpowers and should be in the X-men

Yesterday I was buying a videogame in target yesterday (which was really overpriced) and I happened to catch a look at the the t.v section and saw the last bit of a my little pony episode. The episode in question was some compition between Applejack and some brothers dressed up like they were in a barbershop quartet. Anyway that reminded my of a gaming series called battlebears which I think you should check out. Also I've been wondering. If friendship is magic how come wizards are always so lonely? Since I don't have a t.v that I can watch my little pony on I thank god for YouTube.