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  • Buritosandtacosnomnom

    Hi! So, this is a game, called "Who uses pony creator?" where you make a pony on the creator, post the Ponycodes, and people get to guess them! Here's mine:

    Pony: 102S000100DCFE9CFE9E9E00901232200UN1B37002000000K0000000FF7FFF0L107F3FCC004CB2

    Accesories: 2CC1F64066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC662CC33B21A1A19066CC66066CC66066CC66066CC66

    Pose: 000262313127000000000341273000350006000000012359

    (Note: if codes are too long, delete a number, if it doesn't work, delete another, if it doesn't work, keep deleting 1 number and trying until you have the right amount.)

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  • Buritosandtacosnomnom

    I Have this pony figurine, a dark grey-ish purple Pegasus pony with blonde hair (Mane and tail), purple eyes, and 3 pink flowers for a cutie mark. She looks like Derpy a little. 

    Who knows who this pony is?

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  • Buritosandtacosnomnom

    Pick a base

    January 10, 2015 by Buritosandtacosnomnom

    Hi! Welcome to a new thing i am doing, called "Pick a base". For this i have three pictures, and they are all bases. There is a pony there for me, and others with numbers for the people who want a base.

    First, you have to choose a base you want. Then, you comment saying "Can i have base (insert base number here)?" along with the info of your oc (Body outline color, Body color, Hair outline color,Hair color, eye color, cutie mark, and accesories.). Whoever requested first gets the base,if you didn't get the base you wanted, choose another that isn't taken. 

    1 (Meeser Tweeser)


    3 (The lego mind)

    4 (Mays)

    5 (Rain Chaser)

    6 (Sammiethecat)


    8 (Seaswirl10)

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  • Buritosandtacosnomnom

    Hi everyone!

    So, you all may not know me cause i'm new but still :P

    So this is a special collab i am doing!

    Its "What my cutie mark is telling me" 

    DJ Pon 3 (Not taken)

    Rainbow dash (Not taken)

    Filly Celestia (Not taken)

    Filly Luna (Not taken)

    Pinkamena Diane Pie (Not taken)

    Pinkie pie (Me)

    Dj pon 3: CD Disc (Filly Celestia has it since it's swapped)

    Rainbow dash: Rainbow colored cloud raining (In swap its taken by Dj pon 3)

    Filly Celestia: The words "Princess" with pink outline (In swap it's taken by Rainbow dash)

    Filly Luna: Moon and star with purple outline (In swap it's taken by Pinkamena)

    Pinkamena: Black angel wings and halo (Taken by Filly Luna in swap)

    Pony you want: (You can have any pony in the list that says "Not taken"

    Skin color: 

    Mane color(s…

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