Hi! Welcome to a new thing i am doing, called "Pick a base". For this i have three pictures, and they are all bases. There is a pony there for me, and others with numbers for the people who want a base.

How to do this

First, you have to choose a base you want. Then, you comment saying "Can i have base (insert base number here)?" along with the info of your oc (Body outline color, Body color, Hair outline color,Hair color, eye color, cutie mark, and accesories.). Whoever requested first gets the base,if you didn't get the base you wanted, choose another that isn't taken. 


1 (Meeser Tweeser)


3 (The lego mind)

4 (Mays)

5 (Rain Chaser)

6 (Sammiethecat)


8 (Seaswirl10)

Bases for the game

FANMADE Pick a base 1

Pick a base one (Click to enlarge)

FANMADE Pick a base 2

2 (Click to enlarge)

FANMADE Pick a base 3

3 (enlarge by clicking)