Hi everyone!

So, you all may not know me cause i'm new but still :P

So this is a special collab i am doing!

Its "What my cutie mark is telling me" 

Bases i used

DJ Pon 3 (Not taken)

Rainbow dash (Not taken)

Filly Celestia (Not taken)

Filly Luna (Not taken)

Pinkamena Diane Pie (Not taken)

Pinkie pie (Me)

Cutie marks 

Dj pon 3: CD Disc (Filly Celestia has it since it's swapped)

Rainbow dash: Rainbow colored cloud raining (In swap its taken by Dj pon 3)

Filly Celestia: The words "Princess" with pink outline (In swap it's taken by Rainbow dash)

Filly Luna: Moon and star with purple outline (In swap it's taken by Pinkamena)

Pinkamena: Black angel wings and halo (Taken by Filly Luna in swap)

Information for ponies

Pony you want: (You can have any pony in the list that says "Not taken"

Skin color: 

Mane color(s):

Tail color(s):

Glasses color: (Use this for DJ Pon 3 since he has glasses)

Background color:

Extras: (I Can take swords, as long as they don't include blood)

The pic

FANMADE Cutie mark is telling me collab

Here is the collab :)