Hello Everypony/body. People who follow my MLPForums account may have noticed through my mood/post what i have been thinking, that is have left the MLPForums community. And i have.

I have realised that the community i used to look up to was just a spiral of hatred and recollection. People just wanted fame and to get noticed by the admins and possabily the writers of MLP, which i doubt they would use fanfic content anyways. Nearmind that, i have noticed that some people who are in that community dont really care for others and stand by there rules. They use there mouths to offten and dont mind harming others feeling and people using there honest opinions. Going againts what the Mane 6 and what MLP is all about 'Honesty' and 'Kindness' Plus 'Loyalty'.

If you are wondering about why i have put appostrophys amoung the things humans are adept to doing, plus the lessons the mane 6 continue to give to the ones who are corrupt and dark. I have realised that some people in MLPF are corrupt and dark and are begging for views and replys to the fanfics and threads.

No one can call me a hypocrite because i used to be one of them. I used to be one of those people who wasnt 'Honest, Loyal, Kind'. I became the total opposite. I was a fraud to the innocent people in that community. I was the opposite to my true self. My true human intentions. I was going by something i was not with a blind eye and carrying on.

The Truth About The Brony Fandom09:51

The Truth About The Brony Fandom

If you look at the link and watch the video throughout. This will open your eyes to what a community really is. What all MLP communitys could be. Im not saying all communitys are bad. But his storys, his words had shown me what i had become. What i was not ment to be as a part of a mlp community. Somepeople may think that i am just a hypocrite, but i dont care. 

I have found a better place for me full of wonderful, amazing and friendly people in the community i have ever met. And i am very glad to have met them all today. That site is World Of Equestria.

That site is what mlp communitys are mean't to be. Mean't to act, conduct. Everything a community should have been. Not a corrupt dark or bad society. But a rule following, cleanhearted society intertwined by the members who are 'Honest, Kind, Loyal' to there members and show everyone a great, happy and a good time.

Dont get me wrong, i have met some great people in MLPF, and i will still be online with my account to speak to them. But i just wont be on there often, creating fanfics and talking in the debate sections no more. I understand that some of the peopl in the MLPF may not read this long blog. But i hope they understand further to as why i have left the community.

I hope you all understand the reason to why i have left MLPF.

-Burning Dusk

(Former Member of MLPF, Member to WoE)