princess cadance is my most favourite character in my little pony. I am going to tell you why I like her so much. this is my second blog I ever made. If you want to look at my first one you can.

I like princess cadance because she is soo pretty, she is caring and also because she is kind. she is the best pony princess I ever saw in my little friendship is magic. she is not just a princess she is a foal sitter. And her favourite pony she use to sit for is a pony from the mane characters. it is twilight! twilight is the first mane pony to be seen. you will know if you watch episode 1. she mentioned that princess cadance was her foal sitter and one of the best ponies ever. And I agree with twilight. so cadance is the best pony ever!

I hope you like my blog. tell me witch blog you like better. my first one or this one. And blog 3 is coming up later on.

see you guys later!