Cahill Cometstar

aka ケーヒル

  • I live in an alternate universe
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is animating, drawing, gaming, translating random things into Japanese
  • I am non-existant
  • Cahill Cometstar


    December 25, 2012 by Cahill Cometstar

    You will not believe what I got for Christmas! A Rainbow Dash stuffed animal, and a Twilight Sparkle/Spike/Princess Celestia pack!

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  • Cahill Cometstar

    Okay, never mind about the elves. But basically I divided griffins into 3 types: ( call me crazy -_-)

    • Griffins: This refers to all griff- creatures. Body parts include head and body of (either eagle or lion)
    • Griffons: Head of a lion and body of eagle. More medieval-ish and rarer.
    • Gryphons: More common, and refer to eagle-headed lions. More common in pop culture, such as MLP griffons (appearence-ly incorrect) and the Skylander Sonic Boom.

    So there lies the difference.

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