As an attempt to keep everything as transparent as possible, I wanted to write a blog about why I decided to remove my administator rights and why I don't want them back for the forseeable future.

I will try to keep this short, but it probably won't end up being as such. Anyway, I feel that there is a lot of disrespect and contempt held by certain chat moderators and admins towards other users, including other chat moderators and admins, and that this is no longer a healthy atmosphere for myself to continue to be a part of. Let me make it clear to users who do not frequent the chatroom that this is purely an issue with that space, and not the main wiki/main article space.

For as long as I can remember I have been accused left, right and centre of having some form of bias or preference towards certain users, simply because I have spoken to their defence when something occurred. I am not going to play soft and pretend to find common ground on these accusations, as there is none. I have never once gone out of my way to ensure someone has a better chance of getting away with misconduct as someone else. Anyone who spends five minutes to get to know me understands that I vouch for everybody equally, with the only exception being people who clearly are only here to cause problems. I have always listened to everybody's side to a situation, always offered an ear to anyone who is willing to share their side of something.

To some people, this is "bias", which is their way of saying "Callofduty4 is against me getting my own way with punishing a user". Sure, there are times where I probably lend someone a listening ear better than others, or come to the wrong conclusions, but that's how it works, there's more than one right answer, and whole lot more wrong ones. But I will say right now that I vehemently denounce any accusations of favouritism/bias/whatever the buzzword for it is now. I find no common ground with those accusations and it bothers me on a personal level when someone accuses me of it.

A couple of nights ago on the chatroom, I made a comment in jest that you can find in the logs at 00:05:59, near the top. I also unbanned a user from chat who had been banned indefinitely for using multiple accounts. The user in question had been problematic in the past, but time had elapsed since the ban, and they asked kindly enough if they could come back. So why not?

After a lag of around 30 hours, I was contacted on my talk page, and on Discord, about these two incidents. I was even added to a group PM without my consent. I provided explanations for both incidents, but even after the fact, accusations were still thrown at me, including ones that had a more personal tone. The result of this happening is that I realized that this is how things are now, that I will continue to be treated in this way, and that mods and admins were at the forefront of this behaviour towards me. So I decided to quit. Because it turns out that flinging accusations and personal matters about was apparently more constructive or more important than asking me about my thought process and respectfully expressing a disagreement. And that this has been happening for just far too long.

I don't intend to resume being an admin until that mindset changes. This is a collective thing, amongst most moderators, and amongst some admins, I feel. If it never changes, then I have no regrets quitting the admin position. I do not deserve immediate respect from others, but I sure as heck won't stand for straight up disrespect. I won't stand for people to make assumptions about me and purport to know me better than I know myself. Not after I have tried my best to give as many people as possible a fair shot at righting their wrongs without the ire of other mods and administrators. Not even necessarily because they deserve a fair shot, but because it is the right thing to do.

As an end note, I want to give a shout out to the admins and other users who don't frequent the chat, and focus more on the article space and article comments. You all rock, and your generally civil discussion and conversation and quality article contributions are the crown jewel of this website. You should all be proud of your contribution. I feel embarassed to post this in front of users who have contributed so much to the article space of this website over their time here, considering that it has been so long since I have contributed in that way myself. To those who read everything here, I appreciate it. If you did not, I kindly ask that you do. Thank you.

Edit 20-1-17 It turns out that I misunderstood the situation behind the user's ban that I undid. What happened, was that I failed to double check the logs of what had actually happened, and ended up removing a block given by an active administrator whom I should have discussed it with first. I would like to express my apologies to the community for this oversight, and to the users who brought it up to me - I think that I massively misunderstood your concerns about a lack of discussion, and I understand your point that even if the blocking admin is inactive, it is more pertinent to at least ask somebody about it. Point taken, understood, and remembered. Again my sincerest apologies for this.