I haven't really asked myself this question until lately, I've always put the reasoning as being "I'm a little weird". But for the past couple of weeks I've kinda been wondering why it is that I still enjoy it almost 4 years later and that I don't feel it stopping anytime soon. It's not a problem or anything bad like that, it's just a matter of interest to me. Also, why is it that I don't only enjoy the show, which is arguably family entertainment that anyone can enjoy, but I also like the toys, which are definitely not marketed to my demographic?

So I've thought about it a bit and I can immediately throw out anything to do with the immediate quality of the show. I think Friendship is Magic is a fun, light hearted and well made show, but I don't think it's really anything spectacular. There are lots of other TV shows and cartoons that I feel are just as good or better and that if I were to like something solely based on its quality, I would objectively like other shows more than MLP. The exception to this is Rainbow Rocks which I do think is quite brilliant for a 70 minute family flick. So if it's not the quality of the show, what is it?

I can also throw away any sort of idea of "making me feel young" or anything to do with learning anything from the show - I've always liked being friendly, understanding and accepting to other people (:P) It hasn't helped me like I've heard it do to other people by introducing them to a (for the most part) fun and accepting fanbase, though maybe that's in part because I don't involve myself in the fanbase at all. It's not any of these, so what is it?

I think the reason is that it provides a break from reality. My reality is full of stressors such as living 3000 miles from home, studying at a place which expects absolute excellence and nothing short of it 100% of the time, pursuing a major that takes up almost all of my time and a lot of other much more personal and difficult to articulate things. I think I like MLP because it's something that's not serious. It's positive and upbeat, colourful and funny. Whether it be looking at pictures on derpibooru or EqD drawfriends or listening to some music from the show, it's something silly and pointless I can do which gives a retreat from reality. Maybe someday I'll find something else which does this better, but right now, MLP does it best.

There's not really much point in writing all of this, it was just of interest to me recently so I thought I'd post something about it. I do have a question though - does anyone else relate to this? Of course, not in exactly identical ways, but in a way that this makes sense?

Thanks for reading! Here is the Dazzlings eating breakfast: