This game I made refers to the six custom made cars I made in Gran Tursimo 6, which are concepts, which are made by me. Those cars aren't real, there are going to be in a game which is this game i like to call it, "My Little Pony Racing Series (MLP Racing Series)" Each part will show and tell different race tracks, which are real, and not real. This series is not real, its a fanmade game I made up.

How to play?

The object of this game will show different team racing teams. The teams are the main characters of the show, which have many different racing concept cars I made. You are suppose to think, and choose which team will win based on the laps, of the track. The most chosen teams wins, if the team doesn't get choose based on their position, the team looses. It is based on how their team car, can be fast or not fast by whether the Horsepower (HP) on thier car is large, or small. Each racing track has turns (some banked), which a team can overtake or pass another team car while the A-spec driver, drives the car, while the character from the show, gets to command the driver what to do on the track. For example, Rainbow Dash commands her a-spec driver, what to do on the track, and also command to overtake or pass another team to move up to the position. Another example, Team Rainbow Dash overtakes or passes Team Applejack, and which Team Rainbow Dash has moved to 1st place, while Team Applejack moves 2nd. Also they can also overtake on a turn. So, its your decision on which team wins the track.

Team cars

Here are all the team concept cars I made in Gran Tursimo 6. These cars aren't real, these cars are going to be on this blog game I made. 

Information of these Cars

These cars will be listed, in whats on the gallery above.

  • 1. Team Fluttershy's Concept Race Car (Team #32): Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 Track Team Flutershy Racing Concept. Specs: Power Points (PP): 586, Drivetrain: FR, Horsepower: 783HP, Weight (measured in Kilograms (KG): 1,246KG, Year: 2013. Other Information: The team brought this car, cause their other car which is the Mitsubishi Lancer, wasn't fast. So they brought this one, to the challenge. Plus also equipped with Nitrous (N2O). 
  • 2. Team Rarity's Concept Race Car (Team #40): Jaguar XKR-S Team Rarity Racing Concept. Specs: Power Points (PP): 639, Drivetrain: FR, Horsepower: 779HP, Weight (measured in Kilograms (KG): 1,342KG, Year: 2011. Other Information: Over the months, Team Rarity decided to get another race car. So they came up with this one, made by Jaguar, also equipped with Nitrous (N2O). 
  • 3. Team Pinkie Pie's Concept Race Car (Team #4): Lexus LFA Team Pinkie Pie Racing Concept. Specs: Power Points (PP): 591, Drivetrain: FR, Horsepower: 719HP, Weight (measured in Kilograms (KG): 1,218KG, Year: 2010. Other Information: The team still uses the car, and also they put a Nitrous (N2O) bottle which makes the car faster. 
  • 4. Team Twilight Sparkle's Concept Race Car (Team #22): Nissan GT-R Spec-V Team Twilight Sparkle Racing Concept. Specs: Power Points (PP): 692, Drivetrain: 4WD, Horsepower: 1,023HP, Weight (measured in Kilograms (KG): 1,345KG, Year: 2009. Other Information: This team car is the fastest of them all, it can go to 200MPH in just 25 seconds! It can also be a drag racing car, for drag racing. Plus equipped with Nitrous (N2O). 
  • 5. Team Applejack's Concept Race Car (Team #6): SRT Viper GTS Team Applejack Racing Concept. Specs: Power Points (PP): 674, Drivetrain: FR, Horsepower: 1,036HP, Weight (measured in Kilograms (KG): 1,245KG, Year: 2013. Other Information: The fastest car that the team had. They chose this car to win races. Plus, the design scheme, is unique on how the character appearance, would match this scheme, plus also has Nitrous (N2O). 
  • 6. Team Rainbow Dash's Concept Race Car (Team #15): Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C6) Team Rainbow Dash Concept. Specs: Power Points (PP): 712, Drivetrain: FR, Horsepower: 989HP, Weight (measured in Kilograms (KG): 1,230KG, Year: 2014. Other Information: Since the team wanted a newer corvette, this was the one, they put a "(C6)" engine from Chevrolet, which makes the car's horsepower up to 900+. It is made to win races in all conditions. Also its equipped with Nitrous (N2O).

Track Location

In this part (part 1), the teams will be racing on the famous NASCAR Track, and also the Rolex 24 course called "Daytona International Speedway". But its only going to be the road course. This road course is about 3.56 miles (5.73 km) long, with total of turns: 12, including the cornerbanked turns (NASCAR's turns 1, 2, 3, and 4). On this part, there would be 3 laps for this race. The start type would be rolling file.

FANMADE MLP Racing Series- Daytona Blog game part 1

Track map, and start type shown below.

Now its your turn to deicide to see which team will win this race. So comment below and think about whos team is going to win.

NOTE:  The track is real, but the racing series is not real, its fanmade for this game, to have fun.

So stay tuned to part 2 of this game, some cars will be the same, but some of them will be different, and can be modified in the next part, of this game which is Part 2.