Ok, here are the results from the prevoius blog game which is the MLP racing series part 1, at Daytona International Speedway Road Course. Previous blog:

The Time Results

Here are all the Team's time results, based on their position.

  1. Team Applejack #6 with a time of: 1:35.121
  2. Team Twilight Sparkle #22 with a time of: 1:35.294 with a gap of: +0:00.173
  3. Team Rainbow Dash #15 with a time of: 1:36.861 with a gap of: +0:01.740
  4. Team Pinkie Pie #4 with a time of: 1:38.295 with a gap of: +0:03.174
  5. Team Rarity #40 with a time of: 1:40.021 with a gap of: +0:04.900
  6. Team Fluttershy #32 with a time of: 1:41.266 with a gap of: +0:06.145

Next Part

The next part of this game is part 2 from Indianapolis Motor Speedway Road Course, so stay tuned. Remember this is a fanmade game.

Thats is it, we will see you in part 2, of MLP Racing series blog game, fanmade game.