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    March 5, 2012 by Caswin

    And, to complete the trilogy of "Caswin's blogs about Derpy..."

    As of this writing, it has been something like two weeks since the controversy began, and four, five days since Amy Keating Rogers explained why Derpy's first (and, to date, only) speaking role was later edited to change her voice, her eyes, and Rainbow Dash's dialogue.

    Fans continue to speak out.

    Unfortunately, disturbingly often, they are speaking out with questions that have already been answered and claims that are objectively wrong.

    There are legitimate reasons to complain, criticisms to be made, and arguments to put forward.

    Given that, we should not have to come up with new reasons.

    Now that the facts have been laid out, unambiguously and for all to see, I am getting tired of t…

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    To Derp or Not to Derp

    March 4, 2012 by Caswin

    Demonizing people we don't like won't get us anywhere.

    (This space reserved for what will hopefully be a better-fleshed-out blog post on the trend of turning every member of the opposition into trolls who simply want to ruin everyone's fun, which would incidentally rule out idea that someone was offended by "political incorrectness", and the whole idea of "love and tolerance" relative to the offense inspired by this incident.)

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    "No, this is Derpy!"

    March 3, 2012 by Caswin

    As Amy Keating Rogers' response to the Derpy controversy makes its rounds, and people learn, definitively, why her speaking role was edited, the controversy and the outrage that goes with it does seem to have abated.

    (A few things that may be worth going over again in a few lines: No matter how she was received, Derpy was never intended to be portrayed as mentally handicapped. When she was edited, it was out of fear that she represented a harmful stereotype, not a revulsion for "different" people.)

    However, a few complaints remain fairly common. Besides complaints about "politically correct" culture, which will have to wait, one stands out:

    "Nobody complains about Patrick..."

    Obviously, the core complaint is something more like, "Why aren't othe…

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    February 28, 2012 by Caswin

    BIG EDIT: Amy Keating Rogers, the author of the episode, has set the record straight on just about everything you could want to know. In light of that, most of this post is probably out of date, except to give anyone who wasn't there a rough idea of what it was like, or, toward the end, for anyone interested in my own personal advice on how to write an angry letter. Skip down until I start quoting "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" and you'll be in the general vicinity.

    Regarding the recent edit to Derpy's cameo in "The Last Roundup": This is me taking it on myself to try to help with the proceedings. My two bits. (I'm not going to touch the issue of her giving her a speaking role to begin with, besides to say that I'm fond of this video of a …

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