Had this idea for a crossover fanfic, but I don't think I'll actually write it, so I'll just throw it out here. 

A crossover with the awesome survival-horror video game, Don't Starve

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Don't Starve Wallpaper

Title: Ponies Don't Starve

Summary: Twilight follows her passion and embarks on a quest to unlock more of the secrets of magic with a mysterious associate. Soon though, the associate tricks her, and has her sucked into a mysterious new world. Now Twilight must survive in the strange new world, and stop a new enemy that threatens to consume Equestria and all other worlds. 

Details: Twilight, wanting to forget about her friends and princess status for a while, decides to go back to what she is passionate about: magic. She spends lots of time in her castle alone, conducting experiments and research to unlock more of the secrets of magic. Most of her experiments fall flat though, and blow up in her face. Until one day she recieves a machine from which someone named Maxwell speaks to her. She is reluctant to trust Maxwell, but still eager to learn his knowledge, so she agrees to work with him. 

Under Maxwell's tutilage, Twilight builds strange machine. She activates it hesitantly, and it is revealed to be a portal to another world. A pair of shadowy hands reach through the portal and grab her, and thrust her into the uncivilized world of Don't Starve. 

I was thinking perhaps later on more unicorns would start turning up in the realm, maybe even Trixie or Sunset Shimmer, whom Twilight joins forces with. Rarity would likely get tossed in at some point, along with many background unicorns. And then at some point, somehow, it would be revealed that Maxwell is dragging unicorns into his realm because by doing so, the mysterious Shadow Beings that control the realm grow stronger, and their goal is to break out of their realm and consume every world they can. 

I had many other ideas and possible things to change. Discord might have a major role in it. Perhaps Maxwell was once a draconequus and aquainted with Discord. Perhaps one could replace Maxwell with a Draconequus OC. Perhaps Discord is evil and he plays Maxwell's role, just as Twilight is (clearly) playing Wilson. Perhaps Spike and all of the mane six would enter the realm, maybe with Princess Luna. Had a thought of making a ship fic out of it, shipping Twilight with whomever she ends up surviving with. Had this idea of them befriending the pig men. Had this idea for a funny scene of Discord, again having a history with Maxwell, shows up eventually and tells Maxwell's backstory and plan in a pop-up book. Just got all these ideas going through my head on it. 

What do you think?