I'm almost afraid to ask this. I have this villain in this fanfiction story I'm working on. I'd like to know how many other fanfic writers have already thought it up, and also in general, what people think of the idea.

The villain is a Royal Canterlot Guard who wants to kill Princess Celestia so he can take the throne. He was born as a regular unicorn, growing up in Canterlot, and ends up wanting to be king. He had a hard time making friends as a filly, and eventually just gave up on it. Although he does have this one friend who grows up to be a news reporter. But I guess this isn't that important.

He's very talented with Magic; on par with Twilight in fact, maybe a little bit better.

If you tell the story from Twilight's perspective, as the show normally is, throughout the season, he is seen as sort of a minor character, performing is regular duties as a guard, maybe helping out the mane six on their adventures every once in a while. He gains over everyone's trust, both the heros and the audience's. That way when he shows his true colors in the end, it's a big twist.

He acts like a good guy throughout the story over the course of years. My story is actually told from his perspective. His plan can be broken down into steps:

1) Become Royal Guard

2) Do many great deeds/ be good soldier/ learn powerful magic

3) Make powerful connections

4) Gain trust of higher-ups and royalty

5) Achieve high rank in military/ become involved in politics

6) Make Luna look bad/ destroy Luna's confidence (So that she will be unwilling to take the throne)

7) Kill Celestia

He eventually succeeds and achieves all of these, right up to killing Celestia. In doing the last step, however, he ends up ruining a big plan that was meant to save Equestria from a cataclysmic event. Not sure if I should talk about what happens after that point.

For those of you who are familiar with The Secret of NIMH, this guy is pretty much based on Jenner, and his news reporter friend is based on Sullivan. 

So what do you think? Have you seen this guy before? How often?