Me and my buddy, Dan went to see it today at the mall about an hours drive away. There were plenty other bronies and pegaissters in the theatre with us. We sat with them. We got to laugh and make jokes about everything going on, a lot like my brother and I did for the first movie. We talked about it for a good long time both before and after the movie. They were great. 

I also bumped into a couple of fans of Madoka Magica while there, which was really cool. 

The songs in this movie were awe-inspiring... and well... dazzling XD Which one was my favorite? Don't think I can choose. Possibly the first two dazzling songs if any. Although a shorter and easier answer would be which ones I didn't like. I can think of two. 

I saw a lot of material that I think has inspired the fandom to write many great EG fanfics. Going to have to make a point to check some out sometime soon. 

The animation I think was stepped up, and there were some really funny moments. 

There was also something about the tone... I don't know exactly how to describe it. The whole time you can just tell the stakes are higher in this movie than the last. 

I also really liked Sonita Dusk. My friends and I both agree that she's probably going to go on to become another fan favorite. (There's a lot of said characters in the fandom, aren't there? There's Trixie, Vinyl, Derpy, and so on and so forth. Maybe there aught to be some kind of hall of fame for it.) 

I also really loved the arc they gave for Sunset's character, and also what Twilight was going through and how she was stressed about everyone expecting her to have the answers. 

Also, Lyra and Bon Bon playing piano! Octavia spoke! Vinyl saved the day by getting everyone out of the basement and using her... machine. I don't know what to call it. And lots of Trixie too! Sad that they made her evil again and had her play the secondary antagonist. But then again this is an alternate version of Trixie, so *shrug. Also, MAUD!!

There was also this thing with Rainbow Dash being the most concieted and proud and calling it "her" band and I really thought they were going to go somewhere with that, maybe have her cause the band to fall apart. But no, it's no bigger than some other small parts the band has with each other. No story arc or anything for Rainbow. 

So yeah overall it was a great movie. I really loved it. More so than the first one I'd say. 

Any pony else see it yet? Care to share your thoughts?