I've been thinking lately about the writing and themes of MLP. I'm not so sure 8-year-olds would be able to fully follow all of the stories and their messeges as well as the more matured viewers can. 

For one thing, there's a lot of talking in each episode. Conversations that the audience has to pay attention to. Not so sure most 8-year-olds are  able to pay attention that much. 

As for themes, I know we have simple ones like "good vs evil", but then there are deeper ones. Like how about in Babs Seed with that whole thing about bullying? Or in Leap of Faith where theres that whole thing about maybe it's okay to lie in some cases. 

Although I don't spend a whole lot of time around 8-year-olds, maybe they are smarter than I am giving them credit for. I don't know. 

I'm not sure all of my thoughts are coming out clear right now. I'm a tad bit distracted right now.

What do you think though?