So I went to BronyCon 2014 for all three days with my brother and my buddy from college. Had so much fun. Went to so many panels. Saw so many awesome cosplays. I myself wore a custom-made T-Shirt that said "I ship TwiJack". Here's the highlights of the con for me:

-The PMV contest on Saturday was awesome. So many great entries that were a lot of fun to watch

-Enjoyed Sunset Shimmer says on Sunday. Made it relativly far, though my bro made it farther than me. I also got to ask Jim Miller his opinion on King Sombra

-I bought 5 chibi plushies from Cutie Corral; Rarity, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Spitfire, and Coco Pommel. 

-Got to see the Journey of the Spark panel. Got to get a picture with Violet, and also found out that he's into Madoka Magica, just like me! :)

-Loved the "playfully transgressing normative codes" panel. Plan on contacting the panelist later to share some more thoughts with her that she raised in my mind. 

-Got to see many panels about fanfictions, includingn one about crossovers which was a lot of fun

-The panel about the upcoming Shattered Kingdoms Game

-Got to hang with my buddy from college who is a mega-brony, and all-around a big fanboy just like me. 

-Got to hang and chat with many other bronies, including one who loves King Sombra just as much as me. 

-On the car ride, my buddy and I watched Harry Potter and the sorceror's stone, a movie I hadn't seen in such a long time, and we talked about it, compared it to the other movies, and made fun of it so much. Good times. 

So yeah, overall, had a wonderful time at this con. Second time I've been to BronyCon, and the 3rd con I've ever been to in my whole life. 

Did anyone else go? How was your experience?