• Cattylao


      Hi there I am a one of a kind pegasister because my  favorite caracter is Starlight Glimmer ! Why do I love her so much ? Thats actually one of my favorite stories to tell. 

        At age 16 I got into ponies, it was amazing and enjoyed it so much. I was not really into enjoying one specific character but I was more into the art and merch and whatnot. One day in late april I came across a new episode ( I geuss I just missed out on the first part of a new season X3) At first watching the episode I was like "oh cool" I really did not like the epidsode all that much a first. 

        One rainy friday evening I was drawing some ponies and decided why not draw someone diffrent soon I said why not that antagonist from season 5 I forgot her n…

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