Hello there guy's,today is my birthday, and i'm not just saying this to remind you guy's to say Happy Birthday to me.(Though I don't expect you to remember either, but it's fine.)  I am saying this because it is also my 4th anniversary of Wikia.I first started Wikia on Lion King Fanon Wiki, with the intent of writing LK fanfics about a Cyborg Scar, and a human invasion of the pridelands. but that isn't where I would find my happy place, two Wikia's inpaticular would take over my life for the next 2 year's or so.and one of those is here.  And while today is MY birthday, I thought i'd let it be just as much about all of the memories i've had on here.cause seriously, I know I don't come here very much anymore, but you guys have changed my life in a way I will never forget too,and if you guys ever wanna talk, message me on my Skype or Deviantart, i'm on there just about as often as I can be, talking to my best friend(s)/sibling(s),and also writing and drawing and stuff...  I've had some great times here, times i'll never forget.I first came here after the first part of Return of Harmony aired, because frankly I wanted someone to talk about it.and I ended up coming here everyday following, for a long long time. I don't know what to say other than...stay cool guys, I love ya, all of ya, and I will never forget this site.PEACE.