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  • CelestiaOfEquestria

    Zach Hill AMA

    February 13, 2015 by CelestiaOfEquestria

    Zach here, drummer of famous bands such as MC Ride and the Grips of Death, Hella, OFWGKTA, Neutral Milk Hotel, and the Laurie Berkner Band. Ask me anything, from the release date of Jenny Death, the most anticipated album since Madvillainy 2, SMiLE, and Buyer's Market; to insider tips about writing with Sharpies on tips.

    Thanks man.

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  • CelestiaOfEquestria

    So since today marks 2 whole years on Wikia and such, I thought I would make an ask blog seeing how it seems to be such a ORIGINAL AND CREATIVE idea lately that NO ONE has already done already! But I have actually been meaning to do this for a while. So, ask away! And I will (hopefully) reply. }:D CelestiaOfEquestria 18:47, October 24, 2013 (UTC)

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