one day in canterlot princess crystel flower celestia daughter was play with all her friend and stuff that night king sombra had escape the cold ice , and came to kidnap the crystel of magic that crstel take control of and her ansister and the mystery horse help ,crystel control it and they mad the crystel magic anyway that night sombra had came in canterlot with out anypony , knowing he had went into crystel flower room and look around for the magic crystel ,the reason he didnt come for the crystel heart is because he find out that if canterlot have 2 crystel magic the second one would be a lot more powerful to take over the hole ,centerlot he look and look but didnt find it . He almost ran into crystel ansister and mystery pony that are the protecter of the crystel magic and crystel flower and her friends . Sombra had wake up crystel ,
FANMADE King Sombra Heart

King sombra

flower orthrus and her orthrus had grow and it wake eveypony in the crystel ampire .