Okay. I'm not that formal. You get it.

Anyway: After a Skype message from 343, I checked out the Mod Evaluation: 2015 Edition. Obviously, the people aren't happy with me, or rather my activity level, and frankly I can't blame them. I'll be honest, I've been most inactive, but it hasn't been for bad reason. Allow me to explain, a little, but also make and elaborate on some other points.

First off: Why is ITB so inactive? Well, there's a few reasons, but the short version is: I'm growing up. My responibilities and commitments are growing, but I still only have 24 hours in a day. The wiki gets pushed back. 

The long version: In 2015, I finished my senior year, played on and captained my varsity soccer team, graduated high school with honors, completed the last of my 37 college credits I earned while there, went on my first adult-less roadtrip (to Hershey Park in Pennsylvania), attended my major first concert (AWOLNATION @ The National in Richmond, VA), was accepted to a university, accepted a position as director of men's soccer operations at said university, moved twice (once with my family, then myself into my dorm), worked as director of men's soccer operations, took a full course load, maintained a 3.8GPA, spent the week of Thanksgiving in New York City with just 3 fellow freshman and $200 to my name, wrote three screenplays, shot but never edited a short film, shot a perfect 200 on an archery range for the first time, started work on a indie rap album, partied less than I wanted to but more than I should have, and had one hell of a time doing it all. 

Unfortunately, I didn't fit much wikia time into all that.


But, in my mind, that's okay. I feel that I'm perfectly justified in spending my time how I choose.

But, the feelings that I've done something not necessarily wrong but at least somewhat undesirable by being about as active as a pile of dirt are justified, too. 

So who's right?

Well, both parties are. When there's justification for both sides, well, life can be Schroidinger's Cat. 

So, you all want to demote me for being inactive?

That's fine. You're not bothering me terribly. I won't feel wronged because of it. It's honestly a logical thing to do, and I'm not here to beg for mercy or to otherwise campaign to not have demotion leveled upon me.

What am I saying is that I might be more active in the future, or I may not. If I am, I may earn the rights back. If not, then there's no justification for me keeping the rights in the first place.

Don't get me wrong, I like this place, and the vast majority of people involved in it. But to me, this site is mainly for entertainment, and entertainment wasn't something I had a ton of time for this year.

Tl;dr 2015 was really busy. I'm not sure if it was an outlier in term of busy-ness, or if this is the new norm. Only time will tell, and if this isn't the new norm, I'll get rights back in the future if I'm demoted. If this is simply my life now, well, then, the choice will prove to be simply not prolonging the inevitable. 

Thanks, and see you all (or not, I don't really know) next year. 

Cherno Alpha sig 07:02, December 28, 2015 (UTC)