I have a idea on a episode. First it will be about Rainbow Dash about to race with the wonderbolts but catches a cold and asks Fluttershy to take her place, Fluttershy who was too shy(lol) to tell Rainbow Dash that she can't because she took a job as a babysitter for three days in Manehattan and the reward will be 80 bits. Fluttershy asks Twilight what choice she should make, Twilight prefers her to choose helping Rainbow and the others agreed, So Fluttershy dropped out on her babysitting job and helps her good friend, Rainbow Dash. The lesson is: I realized today that whenever a friend needs you and you have a job to do then it won't be that bad to just help a friend a little, I learned today that friends are more important then money and rewards.

So what do you think? (applejack) I think there was an episode like this.