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  • I live in Johor Bahru, Malaysia
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is Currently a full-time worker in factory
  • I am Male (of course!)
  • Choong57

    Song used : TBA
    ~Inspired from "The Hooffields and The McColts".

    Part 17/32 : When Blacksmith Asking Deliveries

    The sky was snowing today, and I slept comfortably at home, but soon father enters the room then wake me up silently. While I woke up, I noticed the sky is still dark, only snows and cold winds swirling through outside the window.
    "Ugh, the sun haven't been rise up yet," I groaned, trying to lied on bed. "Dad, just let me sleep for a little bit longer…"
    "Well actually, I'm supposed to summit these house design sketches today," sighed Crim. "…But the weather might getting worst at three hours later or so, plus I can't let Leath send these to The McColts' house alone."
    But I don't have much stamina for doing this… I murmured. "(To fath…

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Back To Me" by Of Mice & Men
    ~Inspired from #140

    –Part 16/32 : When I Return Home…

    "I think I'm almost like you at some point, sighed Brighty." And yeah, "I'm too rushed to ship him and Pinkie together…"
    "That's fine," said Goldust. "Speaking of this, I actually have an announcement to say."
    "What is it?" Brighty asked while feeling curious for what he said.
    "My girlfriend is on her way to my house."
    "Oh you sure?" Crim doubtfully asked, "Because you never mentioning about you having girlfriend before. Is she the pony that we known of or…"
    "Yes, Brighty knew her during she lost her memories and then living in their house before. Her name is…" He tried to reply before their conversation got interrupted by a familiar mare open the doo…

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Sing" by Ed Sheeran
    ~Extracted from #28 & #64

    Part 15/32 : When Relatives Trots Around

    "It's gonna be risk for giving birth to her," replied Snowlight, worried.
    "Are you afraid of your body can't afford the baby's growth?" I asked again.
    "No. If the baby was also born as an Alicorn, my body can able to affort her growth because I'm also an Alicorn too. But what I'm actually worried about you and Pinkie more."
    "What do you… hold on, why are you still worried about me and Pinkie?"
    "I mean… you two did love each other, but both of you were different species. If you are still a unicorn, that won't have any problems, but now you became an Alicorn, which means your future children would likely influenced because of your current status."

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Feels So Good" by Kelly Carvin
    ~This part is the original content.

    Part 14/32 : When Relatives Go Shopping

    "You will soon realize which place we would go!" I replied, grinning.
    We walk out from the subway's entrance then shocked, we saw the city has slowly reconstructed in the progress! "Hey, do you know Manehattan was destroyed by Lord Nike back in 4 months ago?" Snowlight ask me, but I said nothing.
    "I know it would makes you mad, but…" She continue to say before I stopped her. "Everypony in this city doesn't want to mention about that incident forever, including me as well. They know it was me who saved everypony's life, however… (sigh) I don't ever think this is such an accomplishment for my own…" Then I smiled.
    Snowlight fel…

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Tradition" by Thousands Below
    ~Extracted from #12 & #29

    Part 13/32 : When Relatives Reaches Subway

    "You must be Skyla's sister, called… Flora Grove, right?" I ask that filly.
    "Yes! I'm her younger sister!" She felt surprise then grinned. "But how did you know my name?"
    "Oh well, your sister and I were became friends back when we are in magic kindergarten, and you are still an infant at that time," I explained. "She is the very first friend that I ever made, after all…"
    "I thought you are supposed to befriend with her after you suffered in a serious incident…" Snowlight surprised.
    "Yeah, but I actually befriended with her before you met me for the first time," I explained to her. "But to be honest, you are the person who founded me …

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