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  • Choong57

    T2T Specials : Blackout

    November 30, 2017 by Choong57

    Song used : "Doomsday" by Architect
    ~ Inspired from T2T #134

    Part 29/32 : When Ponies Confronts Huntrabane…

    "I'm sorry for bringing all the troubles here…" Tiles said frightenly. "I became Huntrabane's target since I was born, and what he want from me is Evolve Orb, the orb that allows ponies to master their strength. My mother's body got influenced after she accidentally absorbed most of it's power four months before she gave birth to me…"
    "And you are originally supposed to be a unicorn?" asked Goldust.
    "Pegasus," she corrected. "If that orb didn't dropped from his hoof and discovered by mother, I wouldn't be influenced by the orb and all of these events wouldn exist…"
    "But where did that orb go?" asked Bright Sky, walking down through stai…

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Embrace the Darkness" by Ryan Forrest
    ~Inspired from The Crystal Empire

    Part 28/32 : When Huntrabane Declares War

    Just then, another unicorn mare in lavender walks into the boutique then noticed us talking to each other. We stared on her strangely except Emerald Shine, the owner of her own boutique who walking out from store room and getting surprised for her arrival.
    "Oops, I seems bothered the conversation at the moment!" She said embarrassedly.
    "Starlight Glimmer! I can't believe you visit here," Emerald cheered.
    "Starlight?" I stunned. "Are you the one half of Princess Twilight's assistant?"
    "Yes, it s your's truly. But Twilight had been gone for two years as for now, so I'm currently in-charging her castle alongside with her …

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  • Choong57

    Song used : TBA
    ~Extracted from #35

    Part 27/32 : When Solunar Encounters Tiles

    "You can try to do better than her to prove that you can successfully host a party for this upcoming wedding, am I right?" asked Bright Sky, grinned.
    "Yeah, try to do your best on the wedding, son. I'm sure all of us will support you from behind," said Crimson.
    I hesitated for a short while then nodded, which makes them smiled.
    When we reached Unicornia, Bright Sky and I got attracted by the scenes in front of us. "I seriously can't wait to explore this place!" She said excitedly. "But first, let's find our big brother at the boutique he mentioned, shall we?"
    "You can go alongside with father at first, I'm gonna take a trot around here," I said. "And don't forget to…

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "This Is a War" by The Phantom
    ~ Inspired from Castle Mane-ia

    Part 26/32 : When Family Attends Wedding

    An Alicorn mare in emerald called Valentine Tiles escaped from the magic-proof cage in Skull Island three years ago. Considering all of her stranges has lost through these years, most of her abilities are unactivated at that time.
    After escaped from the cage, Tiles ran across the island to finding a way to leave this place, however her escape has alarmed the guards to chase her. Huntrabane, the head of The Elites, noticed her escaped then start to give a chase.

    Huntrabane: Don't let her escape the island!!
    Armies: Yes, master!!

    After she ran a few miles, she took a rest at besides the river. She noticed a boat in front of her and g…

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  • Choong57

    Song used : "Reunion" by Bon Jevi
    ~Inspired from Apple Family Reunion

    Part 25/32 : When Families Having Reunion

    "I actually don't understand Pinkie Pie in the beginning…" I whispered to myself. What if her kiss goodbye is just a trap? If so, I might suffer a serious pain through full of her lies and getting mad against her; but if she is truly love me, then why would she bring up a reason to leave me away? All I want was an answer from her, or else my feeling would likely be same as the phrase that stated from Bright Sky. "(sigh) Where are you, Pinkie…"
    "Are you alright, Solunar?" Coral suddenly ask.
    "I guess he missed his best friend so much," Brighty replied him.
    "Sorry, I'm getting too much emotions based on the lesson you learned just now…"…

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