This episode's story are great, the songs are...weird at the first place, but it's still good. This episode starts with StarTwi (Starlight and Twilight) reactivated the map, and it summoned Pinkie and Rarity to Canterlot. I mainly like this episode because it marks the first episode which featuring Indian's culture!

The restaurant's decoration : When I first saw it's decoration, most of the viewers from Singaporean or Malaysian definitely knows this is some sort of "Indian-like" design, and I like this design a little bit.

The song : We are also having "Indian-like" songs in this season! This song let the episode filled with Indian styles! But I felt weird for a moment (laugh)

The food : Everyone likes curry (not sure), and that's why the title featuring "Spice".

For me, this episode is definitely great. However, it won't be great enough to be "A Hearth's Warming Tail". So I'll give this episode 8.88/10 (#3 twelve episodes to date). I believe Mr. Vogel will be confident enough to be the best writer in Season 6.

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