I'm glad to hear that Thor : Ragnarok (which originally to be released on July 28, 2017) will be hit theaters on November 3rd, 2017, but I shockly to hear that, My Little Pony : The Movie (which originally to be released on March 2017) was also going to hit the theaters on the same day too.

BAM, What!?

Seriously, Hasbro. You know that date was the same release date as Thor:Ragnarok, right? If so, why do you set that date (because it's Friday)? Don't even think that Marvel's films could affecting MLP feature's box office? I was wondering that, if Hasbro can slightly delayed to the next day(November 4), it could be better. Who knows? In that day, the viewers could hard choosing to watch which movie first! Also, Friday was working day, can you imaging how busy they are? That's even worst! Are they gonna do Thanksgiving or something?

But I'm really happy to looking for MLP:The Movie release in theaters, wish this film won't let us dissapointed.

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