(The text in this blog post was reused from the comments in other's blogpost)

This is my second favourite EG film,just same as Guinea.Even some of viewers given the negative comments about this film was the worst EG movie,but for me,this film was great EG film I ever seen,because the improved graphics , the dialogue, and the mirrored climax. I know this film can't top RR,but it's still great.

The funniest scene was the pre-credits,which is when Princess Twilight meet Sci-Twi,maybe awkward......,and I disappointed for the film's running time (72min 22sec), it seems shorter than RR.

I would hope there has 2-part episode for 'Friendship Games' encore,for the Tri-cross relay rematch,it seems excitement,I also curious about the 'time travel loop',it let me think this is the potential spoiler for season 5 finale,and I guess straight,the film seems take place during The Cutie Remark.I still think about Cinch isn't to be a main antagonist,she just highly allergic...

If I want to rate this film,I'll give 9/10,just slightly lower than RR(9.1/10).

Currently I think the first EG trilogy is over,at least we have "Equestria Girls:Legend of Everfree" (I don't know this title was a potential sequel for FG, or a new TV series),but I'll wait.

EDIT: Now EG4 was currently in development, and I still don't know LoE was the title for EG4 or not...