At December 25,2013 , I watched the first Equestria Girls(did I write it second time?).That film was great!I think that there's no more sequel on this series,but then,when Hasbro was announced Rainbow Rocks,I was suprised(at that time I start to think Equestria Girls not just one film).

There's post-credit scene from Rainbow Rocks,and I know that scene will leading up to the third film(Friendship Games).I can't wait to see Friendship Games on September 26th,and think this film will be amazing.

BTW,I was curious about 'Equestria Girls:Legend of Everfree'.I don't know this title was used on film or on TV series,but only time would tell.

P.S.:And the first two EG film's soundtrack was great!I heard so many time!