Song Used : "Unity" by Shinedown

Here's the sins about T2T Season II-A:

For the second time I had say : The A section of this season has lack of grammars. (+1 sin)

1 - ...the sun was shining upon me.
Wait, do we heard that before from somewhere? (+1 sin)

2 - I soon realize Bright Sky is stroking my head softly.
As Solunar's younger sister... she may think she acted like her mother. Ugh, nevermind. (+1 sin)

3 - I usually think she is joking on me, and wondering why she want to do this.
I think it will sounds like...
Bright Sky : You are so adorable while you are sleeping!
Solunar : Am I? (+1 sin)

4 - Did I do something wrong last night?
No, you didn't. But the sin is you motivated her memories while you staying at her side! (+1 sin)

5 - ...and bumped into Princess Snowlight.
Then queue the shipping! (+1 sin)

6 - Maybe I have an uncomfortable sleep last night...
Of course! You tried to calm her down, and staying at her side. You don't sleep at your bed either! So that's why you have an uncomfortable sleep. (+1 sin)

7 - "It doesn't matter what'd you thinking."
Solunar thinks he's The Rock. (+1 sin)

8 - "But you guys will definitely shocked, because..."
Foreshadowing... (+1 sin)

9 - "So dizzy..."
Solunar thought he didn't eat foods at last night. (+1 sin)

10 - ...that wings contained all of hopes. From family, friends, and even...the ponies who sacrificed for me.
Foreshadowing Brighty's encourages Solunar scenes on T2T II-B. (+1 sin)

11 - I saw an apple at the tree side.
Are you sure AJ will take it away? (+1 sin)

12 - ...a huge tree branch was about to fall...
Actually, a branch won't damaged ponies too much. Instead, tree trunks will damaged ponies till death. Also, I always mistakenly wrote "branch" as "brunch". (+1 sin)

13 - I realize Skyla hinted me about mother's status during our conversation at the beginning of our journey... See what happens if you realize your friend's hint back in the beginning? (+1 sin)

14 - When I look around, I saw doors, boxes and locks has appeared at multiple times, and even there's about 3 of them!
Sorry Creeperfan, I really needs some inspiration from you... (+1 sin)

15 - "Yes, I'm just a princess, a wise Alicorn,"
Did Snowlight summoned Princess Twilight Sparkle to compares each other? (-2 sins)

16 - "Minty... FLARE!?" Snowlight don't know Brighty's mother is her 2nd aunt! (+1 sin)

17 - "Aren't you supposed to be from another family?"
Maybe she spoiled a third family which both family know it. And they adopted Brighty for 3 years. (+1 sin)

18 - No ponies would killed his/her own parents.
Except the ponies who hates their parents so much. (+1 sin)

19 - July 6.
-I actually inspired this date when a female student told me about her birthday was on that day, so it lets me to set this date for Brighty's birthday. (-5 sins)
-Also it may too long if somepony's age was 8 years older than the other relative ponies... (+1 sin)

20 - It starts raining...
Bright Sky : I like drizzles! (-1 sin)

21 - I had no choice, but I use the blade to stab his body.
I guess he will encountered Solunar for second time. (+1 sin)

22 - "You can't called me prince, Minty. I'm confused when they call me prince..."
Actually, Solunar never wants the title. Oops. (+1 sin)

23 - Taeyeon (from Girls Generation)'s song randomly pop-up in the story. (+1 sin)

24 - I saw her mane has a little bit like Rainbow Dash...
But after she grows up, her mane looks a lot like the combined version of Derpy and Solid Sparkle! (+1 sin)

25 - ...if he was the spirit of Luna, then I could be the spirit of Celestia.
Some kind of "The Moon Embraces The Sun" references? (-1 sin)

26 - I guess...I still can't defeat my nightmare, right?
Foreshadowing "Solunar vs Eclipse" II. (+1 sin)

27 - "I'm just taking a nap. Nothing's happened, really."
Through this word, they will thought Solunar was in deep sleep. (+1 sin)

28 - (Solunar) "Wait, how do you know my mom?" | (Bright Sky) "That's what I want to ask."
I guess they encountered their cousins? (No sins given)

29 - "...Lights starts alliance with Flares for 30 years.
Technically, they are allied forever. Oops again. (+1 sin)

30 - Snowlight blushed when I talk about past memories.
Why did Snowlight...ooh, right. (-3 sins)

31 - "For me, you are really my LSBFF (Little Sister Best Friend Forever)..."
Just like Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor! (-1 sin)

32 - "I don't want to listen your explaination, I just want you DISAPPEAR on my sight!!"
Scorch Fire can't say "die" here, because. (+1 sin)

33 - Stalemate called out some royal rescue team to check about my left wing...
When did Stalemate grouped his rescue team? (+1 sin)

34 - "I was supposed to kill you, but why do you save me?"
Because the trhsis : "Deal with a pony as he deals with you." (+1 sin)

35 - "Both Bright and your mother are just the two different ponies but with having a same name!"
That's illogical. Both Brighty and Solunar have inherited their respective characteristic feature from their mother. For example : Brighty looks a lot like mother, and Solunar's voice accent similar to mother. How can't be wrong? Oops x3. (+2 sins)

36 - "Ha, don't be ridiculous, because you are just a little stallion who never understand the other's feelings!"
Disrespecting Princess Twilight Sparkle. (+5 sins)

37 - "Or I should say... the double ace has ruined my action."
How did Diamond know they are Double Ace? (+1 sin)

38 - "...I wanna thanks to you for making me a positive pony!"
Not just thanks to Solunar, she should thanks to her father too! (-2 sins)

39 - "My brother always can find a way to solve every problem he faced."
Twilight Sparkle : Just like me, he he... (No sins given)

40 - Light Blue, which was representing the Light family's icon.
That's why Light's aura's color won't based on their respective cutie mark or their coat color. (+1 sin)

41 - "Whoa, I can't believe how many days I have been not cleaning here since I leave this house..."
Applejack : Just a week.
Solunar : A week!? (faint) (+1 sin)

42 - One for Goldust, one for me, and one for the yet-to-born infant pony.
That "yet-to-born infant pony" was referred to Bright Sky. (No sins given)

43 - ...I wore up my old ear-buds (with old portable music player)...
Wait, did iPod existed in pony world!? (-10 sins)

44 - "I'm YOUR SISTER, the lost-touched sister who you want to finding for!"
"The pony you found was your relative pony" cliché. (+1 sin)

45 - "You are the best gift I ever got in my life..."
I forgot to mentioned that : Solunar's birthday was in October 10, 1993. (+1 sin)

46 - "And I'm really sorry for not telling this to you since my memories has recovered..."
Because length. (+1 sin)

47 - "But I can still call you Bright Sky, right?"
I bet Sonata Dusk would suddenly appears and said : "It's Taco Tuesday!" (+1 sin)

48 - "I was actually passing by a strange hill, which was located at Everton."
Sci-Twi mentioned it at "Equestria Girls : Friendship Games". (+1 sin)

49 - "I was luckily adopted by Wrist's family!"
See? That's the third family that Snowlight mentioned. (+1 sin)

50 - "...even I don't have any experience of taking care of mares..."
You need to learn how to take care of fillies before doing that, Solunar. (+1 sin)

51 - It's Pinkie Pie!
I originally don't want to put any MLP character into my story, but a long-time reader repeatedly requested me to add in, thus let me finally brakes my rules. (+3 sins)

52 - Suddenly, Pinkie Pie...
Cole : RKO! Outta Nowhere! (-1 sin)

53 - Which means... Cronos's message was true?
Yes it is. (+1 sin)

54 - "Overall, we are not fighting a pony or god, we are fighting a BEAST..."
Solunar thought Nike is Brock "The Beast" Lesnar. (+1 sin)

55 - "...then we are no longer related!!"
What a swear! (+2 sins)

56 - "Sometimes, it's being useless if you fight along against the strong enemies that makes you looks weak."
Completely is, except the lone fighter. (+1 sin)

57 - "I will see both of you suffer as I have suffered!"
Soul Drainer stoled Hades (GOW III) line! (-1 sin)

58 - Finally, he has been knocked down into the River Styx.
Same results as Kratos vs Hades. (-1 sin)

59 - Then we saw our prize...
That prize were later goes to Brighty, who was the poison-proof pony. (-1 sin)

60 - "You are a Pegasus, you may lose control if you absorbs unicorn magic without you are an Unicorn..."
Except you are an Alicorn. (+1 sin)

61 - "I'm so sorry for this, Solunar, I can't forgive my own past..."
Sunset Shimmer can forgive her past, why won't he? (+1 sin)

62 - "Don't failed me like you failed your family!!!"
-What a most swearing quote. (-2 sins)
-Also, Solunar stoled Zeus (GOW III)'s line. (-1 sin)

63 - I scared, and I'm still in disbelief of what I has just seen... I should escape here already, but my hooves is still stunned at the place...
Solunar's 1st lifetime enemy has appeared. (No sin given)

64 - Was it... all OVER?
No. If Solunar is strong enough. (+1 sin)

65 - "Maybe your power... has now been stronger than ever..."
It will be proved at future storyline of T2T. (+1 sin)

66 - To be continued...
B section may focused on family's relationship and the appearance of legendary weapon. Oops x4. (+1 sin)

Total Sins : 27 sins

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