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Here's the (first bunch) sins about T2T Season I:

This season has lack of grammers. (+1 sin)

1 - ...when I opened the refrigerator, it was empty!
Where did pony world got electric? (+1 sin)

2 - "Hey Solunar!"
Skyla didn't realize that Solunar didn't brush his teeth. (+1 sin)

3 - "...why this pony sent you the letter?..."
Because it's the lucky address? (+1 sin)

4 - "You've been invited to a friend's dinner party!"
And that friend is a mare! (+1 sin)

5 - We saw somepony spying on us.
Why he spying them in public? Don't he spotted by the customers early? (+1 sin)

6 - "I think there's something important about it..."
Spoilers! ^_^ (+1 sin)

7 - Goal Score explained that one road lead to a castle, the second one to a village and the last one to a town.
One of three path could be sacrificed because...length. (+1 sin)

8 - ...we stopped to rest in an old abandoned house.
Later called "Safe House". (+1 sin)

9 - ...I felt a sudden pain in my hoof.
That's actually not affected at all! (+2 sins)

10 - "Must save Goldust and your sister..." he said before running away.
Spoilers! ^_^ (+1 sin)

11 - "Maybe you do have a sister and you just don't know about her?"
Maybe...a strange filly? (+1 sin)

12 - "I think someone or something saved your mother and took her to a safe place."
It seems like "The Flash" references. I'll retract a sin away. (-1 sin)

13 - ...I imprisoned him in a black box.
Are you sure it was safe? (+1 sin)

14 - "Who's Cronos?"
Looks like ponies doesn't know who is Cronos. (+1 sin)

15 - I noticed that my body was glowing!
Pre-scenes of legend's ascension. (+1 sin)

16 - I looked at my reflection in the mirror and hoped what just happened was nothing more than my imagination.
Sadly, that imagination has came true. (+1 sin)

17 - Was it... Spike?
Human world's Spike has a cameo in this story. (-2 sins)

18 - "Let's split up and look for the star fragments!"
Solunar always success. (+1 sin)

19 - ...I got excited to explore the city, but my stomach started rumbling.
Just like the first scene in MLA. (+1 sin)

20 - ...the pain and glowing were gone and I fainted.
Still nothing's happened on Solunar's body. (+1 sin)

21 - When I looked up, I saw a familiar hotel.
The hotel where Creeperfan visited before. No sins given.

22 - I tripped on a rock and landed face first on the ground.
And he got pinned! (+1 sin)

23 - "No, it was sealed in somepony's body. You'll find out soon who that is,"
And he is Solunar himself. (+1 sin)

24 - I saw a pony that opened the door, looked around, and left.
That's the exact same scenes at MLA #5! (+3 sins)

25 - ...but then I saw he dropped his hoof glove.
AJ Styles... (-1 sin)

26 - I looked up and saw a large, spiky sphere-shaped machine.
It represents 2015 MAMA's logo. (+1 sin)

27 - "...He has lost any sense of reason he had!"
He still have reason, he just didn't said it. (+1 sin)

28 - Then, I saw a fantasy pair of wings on my body.
His destiny confirmed? (+1 sin)

29 - During my bath, I wondered about the uncontrollable magic, the fantasy wings, and what it could mean.
Is that some kind of joke? (+3 sins)

30 - Without his help though, I couldn't do anything.
Perhaps he killed Zayn for his brother. (-1 sin)

31 - "Your destiny starts here..."
IKR!? (-5 sins)

32 - Suddenly, a beam of white magic hit me and I was lifted into the air. A strange energy surrounded me and I shouted for help. I disappeared in a flash of light and became unconcious.
The parody of Princess Twilight's ascension. (+1 sin)

33 - "Let me bring you a mirror."
This story has full about mirror! (+1 sin)

34 - "Yes! I'm an alicorn! I become an ALICORN!"
Nice one! (-3 sins)

35 - ...the presses ran into the hotel to investigate the incident.
What!? (+1 sin)

36 - ...I saw that it was written by my father, Crimson Flame Light.
Sorry, Crimson. I stole your user name... (+1 sin)

37 - ...I opened the box and found the whip blade the letter mentioned.
It's design could based on "Nemesis Whips" from God Of War III. (+1 sin)

38 - I cast a freeze spell on everyone there except us.
Solunar almost rampaged when he cast that spell. (+1 sin)

39 - "It's him! He's still alive?"
I thought she meant Nike... (+1 sin)

40 - ...a large timberwolf emerged from the bushes and attacked us.
MLP Creatures assults. (+1 sin)

41 - "Your power has a lot more potential than this, you're just not using it. Now you have to use your full power to defeat that creature,"
Just like the main characters in every Japanese anime. (+1 sin)

42 - I seized the chance and threw the blade to its chest, defeating it.
Speed kill in pony world. (+1 sin)

43 - "Would you like to stay with me for the night?"
Uh, this is PG story. (+2 sins)

44 - We happily talked until we fell asleep.
Solunar sleep at floor, while Brighty sleep at sofa. (+1 sin)

45 - "Because you have a spirit of light that can activate the legendary Dagger of Light!"
But will Solunar know? (+1 sin)

46 - When I woke up, I saw Bright Sky smiling at me.
It doesn't matter what'd you thinking! (+1 sin)

47 - "Don't worry. You'll remember everything someday,"
And it's on Season I Finale. (+1 sin)

48 - "Yeah. We lost touch a few years ago,"
Technically, it's three years. No sins given.

49 - I had a vision of the time when I lost my brother. A filly I didn't recognized was with me. Pre childhood friend's reunion scene. (+1 sin)

50 - I performed the legendary Sonic Rainboom!
Dashie doubled his performance. (-5 sins)

51 - ...I landed and waited for them.
Are you serious? They are waiting you! (+1 sin)

52 - Skyla suggested splitting up so we could explore both paths.
Not a split up again... (+1 sin)

53 - " doesn't mean I overprotected somepony for reason!"
Except for his family. (+1 sin)

54 - "...our friendship may already starts 15 years ago..."
"Families always boned each other" cliche. (+1 sin)

55 - ...we finally knows why we need to bound of each other.
Because they're family. (+1 sin)

56 - "...I need to recover your back hoof first."
Absolutely! (-2 sins)

57 - "" saids Zayn.
She thought she is Heracles. (+1 sin)

58 - The Double Ace in our family...
Takumi and Keisuke? (+1 sin)

59 - "You stole your brother's victories, and his spotlights since you are born..."
No he didn't. (+1 sin)

60 - "...I can do everything I want!"
This sounds familiar... (+1 sin)

To be continued...
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