When I heard about the Fourth Equestria Girls was currently in development,I was very excited!For me,the first three equestria girls has a great success,so I think the Fourth Film will better than the first three movies.

I know there doesn't have a major spoilers for EG4 instead for Season 5 finale,but I think EG4 need to be completely different,such as take place at outside the school.I don't know what story be telling in EG4,but i'll looking forward for this, and I also hope EG4's script can be written by other writters.

I was worried about 'Legend of Everfree'.As I said before,if LoE is the title for EG4,it won't be released earlier.Hope EG4's title will be different. (P.S: I still doesn't heard about any news about EG spin-off series)

-Hoping that The Shadowbolts and Both Twilight featured in next EG film.