Hi everyone, welcome to the 3nd and final elimination round of MLP Episode Arena (actually that title should put "'s"...)! In elimination round, 24 contestants(episodes) will be seperated into 12 groups, each group will have 2 rivals, these contestants will be fighting each other, until the 12 contestants (with the most votes in each poll) will be advanced into the quarter finals.

At first 2 round, 16 of 24 contestants are competing each other.Currently 8 of them are qualified to enter the quarter finals. This final round will be once again have 4 matchup, featuring the final 8 contestants facing-off. Once this round has over, 12 lowest scores contestants will be revealed(at Pre-show) at the ranking tally, followed the percentage rules, and the 12 highest scores contestants will be moving to the Quarter Finals. Good luck!

(Disclaimer: MAGS1 – Episode Arena will not to be followed the tournament scale)


After 2 1/2 days of votings, we've got the results:

Round 09

At first section of this round, there's a random battle between Fluttershy's focused and Pinkie Pie's focused episode, both Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie was voiced by Andrea Libman. Which episode is your favourite?

Feeling Pinkie Keen - 42.11% (8 votes)

Bats! - 57.89% (11 votes)

Round 10

Then, there's a random tag-team episode battle between Season 4's episode (featuring Twilight, Cadance, and Discord) and Season 5's episode (featuring Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Gilda). Which episode is your favourite?

Three's A Crowd - 66.67% (12 votes)

The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone - 33.33% (6 votes)

Round 11

Next up, it's a event episode's battle. One of them was the 100th episode of MLP, and the another one was featuring famous superstar, Lena Hall! Which one will be your favourite?

Slice Of Life - 27.78% (5 votes)

The Mane Attraction - 72.22% (13 votes)

Round 12 (Finale)

And lastly, there's a battle between both Season 4's Premiere and Finale. Which episode is your favourite?

Princess Twilight Sparkle - 27.78% (5 votes)

Twilight's Kingdom - 72.22% (13 votes)

And the voting in this round is over! Thanks all of you voted for this game.


Advanced contestants (in this round) - See below.

Eliminated contestants (in this round):

1. Feeling Pinkie Keen 2. The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone 3. Slice of Life 4. Princess Twilight Sparkle

The Quarter-Finalists:

And here's the Top 12 Quarter-Finalists!:

Rainbow Falls | Hurricane Fluttershy | Crusaders of the Lost Mark | The Cutie Mark Chronicles | Castle Mane-ia | Amending Fences | Tanks For The Memories | For Whom The Sweetie Belle Toils | Bats! | Three's A Crowd | The Mane Attraction | Twilight's Kingdom

Special credited to Pony Arena Game (hosted by TheGuineaPig45, Messter Tweester, and Crimson 'Valent' Azure)!

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