Hello everyone, welcome to MLP Episode Arena (actually that title should put "'s"...)'s Semi Finals! Previously on Quarters, 12 advanced contestants(episodes) were competed each other, and 4 of them was advanced into the Semis. These 4 remaining contestants are:

Crusaders of the Lost Mark | Amending Fences | Three's A Crowd | Twilight's Kingdom

In this Semis, 4 contestants will be seperated into 2 groups (with 2 matchups), each group has 2 contestants. Only 2 contestants will have an opportunity to be entered the Finals. And the eliminated contestants will be entered the 3rd place battle.

(Disclaimer: MAGS1 – Episode Arena will not to be followed the tournament scale)


Here's the results:

Semi I

One of the match in this round is the Season 4's episode battle. Three's A Crowd vs Twilight's Kingdom, which episode was your favourite?

Three's A Crowd - 16.67% (2 votes)

Twilight's Kingdom - 83.33% (10 votes)

Semi II

Another match in this round was the Season 5's episode battle. Crusaders of the Lost Mark vs Amending Fences, which episode is your favourite?

Amending Fences - 20% (3 votes)

Crusaders of the Lost Mark - 80% (12 votes)

Voting is over! Thanks all of you voted in this game. (P.S: Oh, I almost forgot today is Christmas Eve! Happy Christmas Eve everyone!)


Finalists :  Twilight's Kingdom | Crusaders of the Lost Mark

Contestants which battled for the 3rd place:  Three's A Crowd | Amending Fences

This round was special credited to Pony Arena Game Tournament (hosted by TheGuineaPig45)!

  MLP Arena Game Series (Game for everyone, game for fun!) 
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